Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Copper for Christmas and a refreshing cocktail

Who else out there is in love with the Moscow Mule? 
The refreshing cocktail that comes in the classic Copper Mug. But is that Mug safe? 

It’s very important that your copper mug is lined with nickel. That’s because copper is a heavy metal that reacts with acidic fluids such as cocktail ingredients. If you use a copper mug that is not lined with nickel, the acidic fluids in your drink will cause a chemical reaction which may cause you to ingest too much copper, leading to an unhealthy and potentially dangerous concentration of copper in your body.

Unfortunately, many stores are full of UNSAFE Copper Mugs because many manufacturers that sell copper mugs without any nickel lining fail to warn their buyers about the potential health consequences. In order to avoid negative health effects for you and your friends and family, please make sure to only use copper mugs that are plated with nickel on the inside.

You can get these SAFE Copper Mugs at moscowmuled.comThey are of exceptional quality, they are real copper mugs vs. copper plated. Plus they make your cocktails fun and festive. I have even been known to drink a smoothie out of mine, cuz why not!?!?

Here is a fun refreshing cocktail I like to serve in these glasses as well.

Cucumber Mint Basil Twist
1 shot cucumber mint vodka
1 slice cucumber
1 tsp fresh basil sliced 
2 shots white cranberry juice
2 shots sparkling water

Shake together vodka, cucumber, basil, and cranberry juice. 
Pour over ice and top with sparkling water. Stir and serve. 

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