Friday, July 22, 2016

Weightloss transformation

 I couldn't let this day go by without sharing my partner in sweat's victories.
The greatest gift this job has given me is the ability to change the lives of those I love... when they are ready.
My daughter Taylor Ann has always been beautiful on the inside and out, but to see her radiate such confidence and joy is the GREATEST GIFT EVER. To see her happy and healthy is PRICELESS
So ‪#‎Thankful‬ I took a shot at coaching. THIS is what I get to do every day!! What a blessing!
LOVE YOU TAYLOR!!!! So proud of you!!!
My daughter uses one shakeology and does 30 minutes of guided exercise each day. Would love to help you find a program for you! Contact me today:

Your only limit is you

I have been reading through emails tonight. The response to our 21 day results has been amazing, so if I haven't responded I promise I am getting back to you.
So many people saying they have been holding themselves back. The excuses I hear for people not starting their journey:
I am afraid of failing
I have never been successful before
It's too expensive
I don't have energy

Just to name a few. 
Let me just make something clear. The only way you fail is if you don't try. Have you ever really tried? With me? With my team? And don't you even tell me it is too expensive. I see you buying a bag of chips for $4 and a Starbucks for $5 and a Jamba Juice for $6.... You just CHOOSE to put the wrong things in your body.

Ever crave a banana after you eat one? No. because you are giving your body nutrients. Give your body a bag of chips and it wants another bag of chips... because it is craving nutrients. Feed the body nutrients and KILL cravings forever!
It is a choice. It saves me hundreds of dollars a month. I was blessed through my cancer battle to have the opportunity to get educated in nutrition and what my body needs to survive and keep cancer away. It is nearly impossible to do nowdays, unless you are super diligent (can you eat 5 spinach salads a day? I can't!) to get your nutrients. You NEED to supplement your diet unless again... like I said... you are super diligent. I consider myself pretty strict and committed and I was nowhere close to my nutritional needs. So no.. it is NOT expensive. It is less than a latte a day and has your entire nutritional needs and then some.
Last but not least... you don't have energy because you don't have proper nutrition.
There... I just answered the top 4 objections I get from people who come to me to start their health journey, but fail to take the leap to commit.
YOU are the only thing standing in your way. Start being your own advocate rather than the person keeping you in chains.
Let's do this.

My leggings are from

21 day weightloss transformation

I promised my results in 21 days and here they are:

I lost 11.5 inches in 21 days. What did I do?

1 Shakeology Superfood Shake a day
30 minutes of guided exercise a day

I eat clean yummy food, and I commit to pushing play no matter what. I check in online with my peeps. We are all working toward similar goals so they keep me going and vice versa. That has made all the difference for me. However I realize some people are private and want one on one help. I do that too! We have something for everyone. 

At any rate.. this program I used is on sale for just $10 with the purchase of your shakes for one more week. You save $60 and even get a cute tank top for finishing. 

Look, the time is going to pass anyway. Give me 21 days and 30 minutes a day and let's have you ending your Summer STRONG!

Hit me up when you are ready! 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

Healthy Loaded with Protein Snickerdoodle pancakes

Alright, I have ONE Week left of my program and I am really wanting pancakes. SO... what's a girl to do? Make healthy loaded with protein pancakes... that is what! Now I really can only eat one or two of these, but my daughter devoured the whole plate.

These won't affect your abs, they won't leave you full of sugar and needing a nap. You won't go into a carb overload... so eat up!

Healthy Loaded with Protein Snickerdoodle pancakes
Serves 2

1 Scoop Vanilla Shakeology
1/2 Cup Buckwheat flour
1/4 Cup almond butter
1/2 Cup almond milk
1 tsp Baking Powder
1 Tbsp Cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 Eggs


Stir dry ingredients together.
Add wet ingredients and mix well (batter will be thick).
Heat pan on medium heat.
Prepare your pan (I drop a little coconut oil on it) and slowly spoon or ladel batter into pan. 

Cook time will vary, mine took about a minute and 30 seconds before I flipped them.

Syrup :
1.8 cup pure maple syrup 
1/8 Cup Almond butter
1/8 cup almond milk
1 tsp cinnamon
4 vanilla creme sweetdrops

If you like my work, please support it! you can get a collection of my recipes in Nourish - The beginner's guide to eating healthy and staying fit. @nourishtheworkshop

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Clean Spicy Korean Barbeque Chicken

I shared the makings of this dish the other night on my snapchat feed. If you aren't following me, my snapchat is: csilbaugh I share a lot of step by step how to cook clips. 

This is one of my favorite ways to each Chicken. I add extra ginger because I love it, AND ginger can also destroy ovarian cancer cells. Ovarian was just one of the types of Cancer I had. I LOVE to be proactive and have my food be my medicine. Plus it tastes oh so good


Clean Spicy Korean Barbeque Chicken
Written by Christi Silbaugh 

1lb Organic Free Range Chicken Thighs

For the Marinade:
⅔ cup braggs amino acids
¼ cup mirin
1 tablespoon fresh minced or crushed ginger
1 tablespoon toasted sesame oil
2-3 tablespoons maple syrup
1 tablespoon sambal oelek (spicy chili paste)
5 cloves garlic

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Place all of the marinade  ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth. 
Pour into a large ziplock bag and add your chicken thighs. Marinade for 1 hour to overnight keep in the fridge.

Pull the Chicken out of the sauce and pour the remaining sauce into a saucepan and bring to a boil then reduce to a simmer stirring frequently. 

While the sauce is simmering heat a very heavy pan over high heat. add the Chicken to the pan with a little oil if Let the Chicken sit for 2 minutes to get a golden brown sear, flip and cook the other side. Remove from pan, slice and add back to pan. Top with sauce and stir.

Serve over rice, quinoa or your favorite grain and steamed veggies. 

If you like my recipes, please support my work and get my cookbook! You can get a collection of my recipes in Nourish - The beginner's guide to eating healthy and staying fit. 

Monday, July 4, 2016

Before and After transformation

My #SundayShoutout goes to this amazing soul @pennywade who is also co-leading in our FIt For Summer group that starts tomorrow.

EVERYONE has a different starting point. We all have our story, and our choices, and our excuses. The thing that sets us apart, is that we are ready to work on ourselves.

I remember hitting that point, but not knowing where to start. I remember going to the gym and attending classes and trying to figure out what my body needed. It didn't work, because I didn't know what I was doing.

Since then I have been blessed to receive and education that has allowed me to LEARN about nutrition, yoga, fitness, wellness, mindset etc... It is my passion to HELP those at their beginning to get on this journey and realize they are worth it! EVERYONE deserves to be happy and healthy. Let's get your before and after!

We start Tuesday July 5th! Hit me up! 

Fit for Summer starts in ONE day!

One day left to sign up for my fit for ‪#‎Summer‬ group!
I know it is Summer so I will be giving you healthy ‪#‎cocktail‬ recipes, clean‪#‎grill‬ recipes, easy healthy swaps picnic ideas, all while helping hold eachother accountable, giving each other encouragement, and reaching our goals together!
Play today, by all means enjoy! But contact me and commit for a new fresh tomorrow!

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Summer internship in health and fitness

Looking for a Summer job or ‪#‎internship‬ ? 
Why not give learning how to coach a shot and build your own online health and fitness business ? Why be couped up in some office, gym, or studio somewhere? You can do this from ANYWHERE in the U.S. and Canada!

I'm going to be straight-up honest with you.
I'm looking for GO-GETTERS. 
I'm looking for people who are absolutely READY to change their lives. 
I am ON A MISSION to help other women see the opportunity to change their lives, the one that I have been given, for freedom.

I am GRACIOUSLY confident that I can TEACH YOU how to build MASSIVE success with Coaching!. I am an ELITE Coach in Beachbody, a rank that is earned because I am 110% dedicated to helping MY coaches and clients SUCCEED !!
I am only looking for those who are looking for me!
If you would rather build a life of FREEDOM vs. a 9-5 repetitive work life, then I would like to hear from you. I am doing a SPECIAL Midmonth internship for new coaches for those on ‪#‎SummerBreak‬ Hurry before my slots are full!

Personalized TARGETED Nutrition saved me!

Personalized TARGETED Nutrition saved me!
It can save you too! Take the free health assessment (it can even hook up to your DNA test results) to see what your body REALLy needs.