Monday, February 13, 2017

When ENOUGH is ENOUGH its time to take ACTION and change your life permanently

Hey beautiful.
Yep, I am talking to you. 
Right now I want you to STOP the negative self talk and realize how amazing you are. 
So you have dark circles under your eyes, from taking care of EVERYONE else but you. 
SO WHAT your tummy is stretched out from the LIFE you brought into this world. Maybe you haven't had time or money to make it to the hair or nail salon so a messy bun is a constant companion on your head. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! 

I realize first hand how much of our identity is given up when we decide to have children. I also know Mom's would not change a thing. We give our ALL to those we love. But... I am here to remind you.

You have those precious eyes watching. What do you want to teach them? 
Self love?
Self defeat?

It is a humbling experience to become a mom and no one quite prepares you for that. I know what it is like to have a tummy that feels like jello and NO energy to do anything about it. Which led me to just eating comfort food to console my self loathing thoughts. 

Is this you?

This is the place I was in 3 years ago. I was fat, sick and nearly dead..

Well maybe not, but I sure felt like it. I was 6 weeks POST operation for the removal of 3 cancer tumors in my body. My tummy had been sliced open 8 inches for the biggest tumor to be removed which REALLY did a number on my self esteem. I looked 6 months pregnant because of the HUGE tumor that was growing in my uterus.  Frustrated, defeated and full of tears I remember laying in bed thinking "THIS IS NOT THE WAY LIFE IS SUPPOSED TO BE!" 

I hated my skin, hated my hair, hated everything about me. I was angry at the world and I KNEW that I didn't want to feel that way any more. NEVER again! I made the decision to give myself the love I needed and wanted. So I could learn to love others and help others stop hating themselves. I never looked back. I didn’t feel good and I had to make a change. I was introduced to yoga, clean eating, and superfoods through my Cancer recover counseling and ended up getting more education in nutrition. I also documented the process and what I learned in my book: Nourish - The beginner's guide to eating healthy and staying fit. 

I fell in love with inversions. Headstand, handstand, pincha, but I could not hold them for long and my alignment was not awesome. I knew I needed more muscle and toning. I had lost 10 lbs just from adding superfoods and yoga into my life and I finally had more energy to add more. So I started adding a 30 minute workout to my life. What happened next...

Over the course of those next 3 months I focused on “ME” for at least 30-45 each day. I would push play for my workout session. I sweated, I cried, I thought I would never change, but then right before my eyes my body started to change. As I embraced clean eating and drank Shakeology daily my skin began to glow, my hair and nails got stronger, and I had more natural energy! I was stronger and I started to have more confidence. WHAT!!!! I was THAT girl who NEVER had EVER Stuck to a fitness program in my life. I always started our the year making a New Years Resolution to get in shape and then I was gone in 2 weeks and stuck paying a membership for the year. I was the girl who would walk into a gym, take some classes and then walk around doing the weights (COMPLETELY WRONG) acting like I knew what I was doing, then I would go make a huge italian dinner with bread and noodles and loads of wine. I had never permanently changed my diet before, but, I liked it! I mean I REALLY liked who I was transforming into, and I LOVED the way my LIFE was changing. 

This is my transformation of 2 rounds 21 day fix and 1 round 21 day fix extreme and Shakeology. Total time 3 months.

Total weight lost from start to finish -65lbs. 
I started running little groups of other women and men that wanted to change their lives too. 
That is when the miracles started rolling in!
My best friend Penny has lost OVER 100 pounds so far!

My daughter lost 35 pounds!

And that was just the beginning! As of now I personally have been able to help HUNDREDS of people reach their goals. I also started a team that is joining forces with me and we all work together to help people as much as we can. 

My inversions sure changed too!!!

I can say that because of my team, the support of the challenge groups and the other women in the group I truly have found a way to love the skin that I am in! 

We all have imperfections.  I earned my imperfections and I learned to love them! They are a part of who I am. Does this speak right to your heart??? Then maybe its time for you to trust me and finally take that leap of faith and join my next challenge group!

So now, my job as a coach is to pay it forward. I am going to be launching a specific accountability and support group that is geared towards matching you up and with a fitness program and nutrition guide to meet your needs but to walk you through the process of changing your unhealthy habits, creating a more positive mindset, embracing your imperfections and chucking the word diet to the wind. We are not dieting, we are creating a healthy lifestyle. Because we are supposed to be ABUNDANT in ALL areas of our lives. 

So STOP making excuses and make a DECISION to change instead. I promise you will work just as hard on your excuses that you will on effort towards your goals. So why not work toward the POSITIVE?

What Do I Need For This Group?
-Each participant is required to have me as their coach. You can create an account here. 

-You are required to do a fitness program, which I will help you to pick the one that best fits your needs. EMAIL ME to tell me you want in we will go over your needs, your current struggles and then decide the program for you.

-You are required to replace 1 meal a day with Shakeology for the duration of the 5 weeks because as I am teaching you how to change your eating habits and give you the tools to make this a lifestyle change we want to have at least 1 meal each day that is quick and easy but isn’t lacking in your nutritional quality. Shakeology does that! It is my saving grace because quite honestly there are days that I am so busy that I don’t have time to make a balanced meal so this is my go to!! It has EVERYTHING your body needs, and is superfoods! Plus it really does taste awesome!

–You are required to log into our closed My Challenge Tracker App daily where I am going to share tips, recipes, meal plans, tips to handle eating out, and emotional eating plus improving your body image. We will truly take your journey one day at a time! I have been through the process and I know at what point you want to throw in the towel, I know when you hit plateaus and what situations tend to trip you up. I have tools and tips for all of those. There is no more trying to navigate this change on your own. We are working at this together.

–My goal is to get you a program that you are excited about and that you start and complete it. I do not want it to be something that sits on your shelf and collects dust!

Does this sound like something you would like to do?

If so, take the time to EMAIL ME. I will contact you within 24 hours to discuss whether this would be a good fit! I am accepting a small group of customers for this group and I would love to have some motivated women who are really ready to make a change! Let’s face it, there will never be a perfect time. The right time is now! So let’s get started!

I am NOT going to let you fail! I am giving you my word that I am going to support, guide and help you to truly make a change, live a more positive life and embrace who you are on the inside out! We live in a world full of comparison and its time to chuck that to the wind and just BE YOU!!!!!!
Cannot wait to help you achieve ALL of your hopes and dreams. LET'S TALK!

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Healthy Sweet Potato Nachos - dairy free option

EVERYTHING on this plate is dairy free, with the exception of my Greek yogurt. Thankfully my body processes that wonderfully. 

Everything on here is actually really healthy for me!
Sweet Potatoes
Coconut Oil
Sea salt

Cheese made from almond and rice. 

HEALTHY nacho's that HIT THE SPOT!
So let me tell you about the cheese!
They have ZERO trans fats and are made from nuts, or rice. 
AND... everything is CERTIFIED organic.
They know a way to my heart. 

You can use a spicier Jalapeno Jack 

you can use a nice cheddar!

I got both of mine from Lisanatti foods
To make the sweet potato nachos...

3 large sweet potatoes, washed and sliced into 1/4-inch rounds
1 tablespoon olive oil
Salt and pepper, to taste
1 1/2 cups shredded Cheddar cheese
1 cup black beans, drained and rinsed
1/4 cup chopped green onions
1/4 cup chopped cilantro
1 large avocado, pit removed and diced
Sour cream or Greek yogurt


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
Place the sweet potato rounds on a large baking sheet. You might need two baking sheets if you run out of room. You don’t want to overcrowd the sweet potatoes. Toss the sweet potatoes in olive oil and season with sea salt and pepper. Bake for 20 minutes. Use a spatula to flip the sweet potato rounds. Bake for an additional 10 minutes or until sweet potatoes are crisp.
Remove the pan from the oven and sprinkle cheese Bake until cheese is melted, about 5-7 minutes.
Remove pan from oven and top with all your favorite toppings. I used cooked chicken, avocado, red onion, tomato, greek yogurt. and it was SO YUM! 

As you can see the alternative cheese shreds and melts perfectly. I am thrilled, happy and full. 

Easy quick clean pizza sauce

I am an organic, non-gmo, tree hugging, clean eating, yogi. My past was not so. Cancer whipped me into shape and I am now here to help you all be pro-active with your health. There are simple steps you can take. Like this one for instance. Stop buying pre-made pizza sauce and marinara. 90% of them are LOADED with sugar, not to mention the chemicals and preservatives. I can show you how to whip up pizza sauce for 2 pizzas in NO time at all
Let me show ya how!

Easy quick clean pizza sauce

1 can organic Tomato Sauce
1 can organic Tomato Paste
1/2 Tbsp fresh garlic
1 Tbsp italian seasoning
sea salt to taste

Stir together over low heat to blend flavors for 5-10 minutes. BOOM.. ready to spread on that crust. 
Now let's talk crust...

If you know me by now, you KNOW I am NOT gonna through some sub par, fake filler food crust at you. So today let me introduce Boulder Dough, who created a pizza crust recipe made with healthy, clean ingredients; gluten free and vegan; and taste great! 

They come shrink wrapped and READY to go!
I just preheated my baking stone, because that is how I roll, and placed an unwrapped dough on it. 

Top with your awesome pizza sauce you just made.

UH OH!!!!
Time for cheese. Usually the part that makes or breaks the pizza... AND the part that adds LOADS of unhealthy fats. For those dairy intolerant... here is your exit ... right? 

Let me introduce to you Lisanatti Foods Almond Mozzarella that is OMG worthy. 
Lisanatti vegetarian cheese alternatives are known for their exceptional texture, flavor, and melting performance. . Lisanatti cheese alternatives are easy to use in favorite recipes as a cholesterol-free, gluten-free substitute for traditional dairy cheese. For dietary changes to improve health, our vegetarian cheese alternatives contain no Trans fats or saturated fats, are low in sodium and good sources of calcium and protein! So Add it to your pizza pie! 

Top it with your favorite toppings. 
We chose some grilled chicken and onions, but you can add anything you like! 

Bake at 425 for 15 minutes and you have a WONDERFUL pizza! 

EVERYONE in our house LOVED the crust and the cheese and didn't feel icky and bloated after. 

The sauce was bomb too! 

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Time is running out for the fitness and nutrition deal of the Century!

Making sure EVERYONE possible gets a chance to hop in on this AMAZING special before it ends. Would love to work with you! This gets you:

- an entire year of fitness
- guided nutrition
- portion control to either gain, lose, or maintain weight
- the amazing superfoods I talk about all the time
- entrance into any of my accountability groups
- constant access to recipes and meal plans
- ME as your coach to help encourage and inspire you while I work toward my goals right along with you.
- the 3 new programs coming out this year will be included. You will have first access at no extra cost.

It is a whole year of fitness, over $6000 of product... for $199.

GET YOURS HERE before the special expires and I will be contacting you to find out what your goals are and help you with a plan to get there!

Personalized TARGETED Nutrition saved me!

Personalized TARGETED Nutrition saved me!
It can save you too! Take the free health assessment (it can even hook up to your DNA test results) to see what your body REALLy needs.