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Friday, April 6, 2018

Beachbars the new snackbar that knocks out all other competition.

Can we talk packaged snack food for a sec?
I know it is convenient, and before I started my healthy lifestyle I used to eat at least one packaged bar daily, thinking it was healthy!  While a select few are good for you with all natural ingredients, others are full of artificial flavors, tons of added sugar, preservatives, and trans fats.  In fact, a lot aren’t much better than eating a candy bar.
That’s why I’m SO Excited for these new BEACHBARS because they are full of REAL, natural ingredients, packed with protein, low sugar, low glycemic, and full of fiber!  I have seriously been waiting for Beachbody to come out with a bar to help those of us who are go-go-go... but still want to eat HEALTHY!

Nutrition Facts

The nutrition in Beachbody BEACHBARS are exactly what you want in a bar.  PLUS they are gluten free, have zero grams trans fats, and contain no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

Each bar has 150 calories, 10 grams of protein, 4 grams of fiber, and only 5-6 grams of sugar.  It’s the perfect snack for on-the-go or anytime you need something quick!

What Flavors does BEACHBAR come in?

It comes in two flavors: Peanut Butter Chocolate and Chocolate Cherry Almond. Both are made with nut pieces and nut butters, protein crisps, and topped with a ribbon of chocolate. Can you say, delicious!?


BEACHBAR combines crunchy, protein crisps, nut pieces, chocolate chips, creamy nut butters, and fruit chunks (in the Chocolate Cherry Almond flavor) to deliver delicious, satisfying goodness in every bite. The key ingredients are below!

How Do BEACHBARS Compare?

Like I said, there are a select few bars out there that are actually good for you (including my favorite RX Bars!) These are the few I would actually consider healthy, but BEACHBARS actually out rank ALL of them!

Do They Fit Into the Portion Fix?

YES!  They count as 1/2 red, 1/2 yellow, and 1 tsp per bar!  They will fit right into the Beachbody program nutrition plans.

BEACHBARS have been released!

You can place your order HERE:
Peanut Butter Chocolate
Chocolate Almond Cherry

 or contact me and I can help you get setup at no charge with a meal plan, fitness regimen, and an online accountability group... all of that is free.

You can SAVE big time and get them on autoship every month with combos of either
Two Boxes
Three Boxes.

Message me when you get yours and tell me which flavor you like best!!!

Click the links below to PURCHASE:

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Friday, January 5, 2018

One simple change in your life that can be the SOLUTION to so many things.

💥Who is ready to take one simple step in their life to start feeling better?

Let’s just IGNORE the fact that this superfood shake will CURB your appetite, help your hair and nails GROW, help LOWER your cholesterol, EASE YOUR STRESS levels, can CLEAR your skin, TASTES great, and has the equivalent to..... 

7 raw carrots 
6 cups raw broccoli
3 raw onions
4 cups raw mushrooms
3 cups romaine
10 cups raw cauliflower
1 cup peas
4 cups radishes
1 bowl of exotic fruit
6 cups nonfat yogurt
1 shot of wheatgrass

💥Just ONE yummy shake a day will give you 100%(or more) of:

•Vitamin A
•Vitamin C
•Vitamin B1
•Vitamin B6
•Vitamin B12

It gives you 50% or more of
•Vitamin D
•Vitamin E
•Vitamin K1
•Vitamin B2
•Folic Acid

And SO MUCH MORE!!! Drinking this every day helps me stay #CancerFree It is my NUMBER ONE solution in my life and I LOVE helping others feel this good. I was able to throw out ALL other vitamins, minerals, probiotics, adaptagens, prebiotics etc... so I SAVE a ton. If you are ready for this solution in your life, reach out! All my clients also get a weekly meal plan, recipes, shopping lists and more to help them make healthy choices.

Let's all get BETTER in 2018!! 

Message me NOW at momwhatsfordinner@yahoo.com and let's get you started!