In 2013 I had the fight of my life. After months and months of terrible abdominal pain, I found out I had a softball sized tumor in my uterus that was cancer. With surgery, prayer, and strength, I came out a cancer survivor. However the recovery is a long road. Being bed ridden for so long, I had lost all my muscle, and the cancer had caused me so much weight gain. I wanted to start my recovery immediately, but I was given a 6 week waiting period before I could resume activity. My doctor encouraged me to get into yoga, at the 6 week mark, because it is healing and it would help me get back into shape slowly. November 12, 2013 was the first time I did yoga, and for me it was the day I was born. 

Yoga saved my life. Well, my life here on earth at least.

The journey on my mat has quickly started to trickle down into my daily life and relationships. Every day I find myself more mindful. I have slowed down, breathe, take it all in, give it all back. When you learn that you and you alone are the one causing your happiness or unhappiness, it sure makes life a lot easier. So I wanted to make a spot on my blog dedicated to all things yoga. I am not a pro. I am a newbie going through this journey like every other yogi. I believe in balance and healthy eating goes hand in hand with exercise. It is here that I will post my yoga journey. 

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