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Sunday, May 31, 2020

Beauty and anti-aging start with what you eat and how you move

I posted this picture of me on Facebook today. I had posted this one of me yesterday:
I had no idea the impact these pictures would have on my inbox. Countless messages started pouring in. Since I am 47 years old, and a known Cancer Survivor, people were messaging me asking what hair extensions I use. What diet products I use etc....First of all, this is my hair. I grew it myself haha. Second of all I don't believe in dieting. I believe in eating nutrient dense whole foods. 
Okay guys, my inbox is full of messages asking about my hair... yes its mine, no I don't have extensions. My skin - what products am I using. My weight... what workouts and here is the thing....Your health impacts your physical appearance,
drastically .
The glow of your skin, the strength of your hair and your overall appearance are direct indicators of how healthy INSIDE your body is. Being a Nutritionist who is also currently in school for Herbalism, I am learning more and more every day that what really reduces external signs of aging is proper diet and nutrition.
If you are like me and interested in SLOWING of the signs of aging…hear me out.
To do that, you need to improve memory, optimize cognitive function, improve gut health, reduce inflammation and improve/maintain muscle and bone strength, too.
Amazingly enough, My daily magic elixir does ALL those things 😊

Drives me bonkers when people call it a protein shake yes it contains protein, but consider how these ingredients in it may help fight off the symptoms of age:
🌱Wheat grass: helps prevent GRAY HAIR.

👀 Bilberry: improves vision and fights glaucoma, along with other eye disorders sometimes associated with age
👩🏼 Grape seed: stimulates hair growth, which sometimes diminishes with age AND stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in skin, which reduces wrinkles
💞 Green tea: improves overall skin health
💪🏼Pomegranate: improves bone mass, which often is a problem with advanced age
👱🏼‍♀‍Rose hips: nourishes skin and heals blemishes
💅🏻 Biotin: improves the health of hair, skin and nails
🙏🏼 Chlorella: supports healthy vibrant skin
👵🏼Folic acid: folic acid deficiency is known to cause gray hair production
🍫Cocoa: antioxidant for skin
🍒Goji berry: stimulates memory
🔎Vitamin B5: reduces the signs of aging and diminishes the production of gray hair
💋Schisandra: prevents aging
🏃🏼Riboflavin: includes anti-aging properties
💞Vitamin C: repairs and firms skin
🔎Vitamin E: stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to fight off wrinkles and reduce their appearance
🍒Acerola cherry: stimulates the production of collagen to fight wrinkles AND helps build strong teeth. I haven't had a cavity since I started. 

Don’t forget the protein and amino acids, antioxidants, phytonutrients, adaptogens, prebiotics and digestive enzymes help you have more energy, improve your gut health and slow the aging process, and the superfoods that fight free radicals which are known to cause cancer and speed up the symptoms of age.

I am FOREVER grateful my morning shake consists of superfoods that will give me the best chance possible of fighting off age and its impacts from the inside out. The healthier you make your body on the inside, the more beautiful and healthy it will glow on the outside. I am coming up on my 6 year anniversary of this blessing in my life and I have enjoyed growing younger.
It only makes sense that IF (like me) you’re happy and willing to invest in a product that will fade yours wrinkles, you possibly may also care and spend as much on how healthy you are starting from the INSIDE.
I want my skin to look flawless and prevent aging, just like you do. I also want to be BOTH living a healthy existence AND looking good all at the same time.
And, with my Shakeo! I can have BOTH bases covered ✔️
If this will help you too, I can help you get started✔️ My first year in this process I just drank this. The 2nd year I added workouts. It is a journey. I did not start here... BUT I STARTED and got here.
Ready to get started? 
Email me, or just place your order here
I offer complimentary nutrition counseling to all my clients so just reach out!