Thursday, June 3, 2010

Steak Dijionaise

Back when my husband and I would find more time to go out on dates. I loved this rinky dink place in Oregon called the Par a dux. It is no longer in business like most other businesses lately. But they did have the best Chicken Dijon around. This is my take on that dish, but it is steak Dijon instead of chicken.
Steak Dijionaise
4 6 oz Sirloin Steaks
2 TB Dijon mustard
4 TB diced onion
2 TB Clarified Butter
6 TB Heavy Cream
2 TB unsalted butter
Salt and Pepper to taste

If you don't remember how to clarify butter, I posted it early this week.
Pound steaks into ¼ in thickness... I pound the crap out of my steaks, because this dish is not about filet mignon... it is steak dijon. Cover each side of the steak with 1 ½ tsp of the mustard and then press half the onion onto each side. Sauté the steaks in clarified butter. Remove and hold in warm place. Deglaze the pan with a splash of white wine. Add the cream and reduce by half. Add the rest of the mustard. Stir in butter 1 TB at a time. Salt and pepper TT. Serve each steak with sauce poured over them.

I like to serve over asparagus because it goes nicely with the dijion sauce. Plus they are on major sale this week.If you make extra dijon sauce it tastes so good over the asparagus.

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