Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Documenting the process of the 3 week yoga retreat

Five days ago I started doing an online yoga retreat. For 30 minutes a day I am pushing play on an online yoga program with awesome instructors. It starts at the very beginning of yoga. Even though I am a 200 hour registered yoga teacher, I LOVE returning back to the basics and making sure my foundation is still where it needs to be. That is what I love about yoga, it is a practice, and always there for you at every point of your journey.

Day one:

On day one we met Vytas. If you are wondering where you have seen him before, he has been on Survivor twice, and his brother Aras is one of the winners. Besides that he is one of the most popular yoga instructors in Los Angeles. I felt he did an amazing job of bringing awareness to the mat and a good solid foundation in important poses like Downward Facing Dog.

Day two:

Day two was just as enjoyable. We spent a lot of time in low lunge and Vytas once again did a fabulous job of breaking down these foundation stretch poses. I may have mentioned our team of yoga teachers has add on's for the retreat. Today I taught and broke down the halfway lift or 

Ardha Uttānāsana. You can see my addition to the retreat here: 

Halfway lift or 

Ardha Uttānāsana

Day three:

On day 3 we explored more balance postures. Vytas broke down tree and other balance postures with key alignment cues that will help us stay on track down the line in our practice. I also included a clip of me getting some cardio in with Country Heat. Let me know if you are ever wanting to add cardio to your practice! 

Day four:

We flowed it together today! It was a fabulous practice that left me feeling energized after.There was more special focus on getting Chatturanga correct, which as a yoga teacher, it makes me very happy. In class I see way too many people who have not been trained, just skip right through that pose. Not good. It is a pose all by itself. It also happened to be my 3 year yoga birthday! I have officially been practicing for 3 years! 

Day five:
Today we got into a more intense flow and it felt great! Had my daughter back with me and we enjoyed the practice a lot. I love how Vytas always pauses to make sure everyone adjusts their alignment. This is about progress, not pushing. 

I will update you guys next week how it is going! Not to late to join me!
So far this program has been outstanding. My team of 200+ hour yoga instructors have put together add on's to this retreat. With daily asana breakdown. Mindset, Motivation, Breathing and much more.
Join us for the next round! 

Just email me to hold your spot!

Special shout out to Wicked Custom Apparel for a lot of the shirts you see. One lucky participant in our yoga retreat will win a shirt from them. 

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