Wednesday, March 18, 2020

3 Ingredient Healthier Chocolate Ice Cream

During this time when we are all under quarantine for the notorious Coronavirus, I want to share more "pantry" recipes to help people make their cravings easily in a healthier way. Meaning quick things you can make from things that you have in your pantry (non-perishables). At the time of this post, these items are available and in-stock on Amazon. 

So if you are like me and you HAVE to have ice cream during shark week. Or maybe you just have to have ice cream because you love it, then this is for you...

3 Ingredient Healthier Chocolate Ice Cream
You will need 3 ingredients:

1 cup Cashews
1 can Coconut Milk (canned full fat)
1/2 bag chocolate chips 

note: I double this recipe 

If you like rich dark chocolate ice cream, use dark chocolate chips, If you like sweeter milk chocolate, use milk chocolate chips. 
Soak the cashews in lots of water overnight. Drain before use. 
Melt the chocolate chips in the microwave or on the stove with the coconut milk, then put in the fridge until it is cool. Next blend cashews with the coconut milk and chocolate mixture. Blend well in a blender. 

Next you can either churn in an ice cream maker, or just pour into a bread pan, cover and put in the freezer. Remove from the freezer 15 minutes before serving so it is scoop-able. 

Also if you are looking for support, a community, and a way to not feel alone during this time. Please email me. I have a FREE support group. No strings, just support, encouragement and motivation regarding a healthy lifestyle. 

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