Monday, May 19, 2014

This new cooking, fitness, and yoga site is so cool. Sign up for free!

I was recently invited to try out a new site called Grokker
Grokker is the expert video network for high quality, expert-led instructional videos in three key wellness areas: Yoga,


and Cooking

Grokker makes it easy and fun for enthusiasts to find the time to practice personal wellness, gain mastery of new skills, and develop authentic connections to expert instructors and other enthusiasts via our community programming.
Grokker produces their our own top-quality videos in-house, featuring expert yogis, chefs and trainers/fitness instructors hand-selected by Grokker’s editorial team. There are 1000+ premium videos available on Grokker today with new videos released daily.

The video feature is so nice. Yesterday was a very productive day. My husband and I got up and went for a morning walk. We stopped in a cafe and had a nice breakfast, and then walked home. I welcomed this calm morning with wide open arms. I had just endured a very great but busy week and all I wanted was to not to "have" to be anywhere at any time. I thought I would go home and maybe take a nap, but instead I started cleaning. Before I knew it my entire weeks chores were complete and my house was completely clean. I was so pleased because my husband joined in and cleaned his corner that I have been on him to clean for months. It was a great day, but one that left me without a yoga class.  I am good at doing at home practice, but it usually ends up being balance practice and I need core. So I picked a video on Grokker to give me a good ab workout. 

 I did the Ab Intensive Pilates Workout because we are getting ready for our trip to the British Virgin Islands in July. It is my last effort to flatten our abs before they see the light of day.  Fabulous ab workout! Easy to follow and available with the click of your mouse. 

I am excited to have this site available! I hope you all check it out!

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