Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So glad for GladSoles!

To you my readers, I am just a kitchen loving yogi. To my close friends and a barefoot beast. I love being barefoot and often tell people that feet need to breathe. If you are stressed out, take off your shoes and socks and walk around, you will feel better. So you can imagine how stoked I was to learn about GladSoles. Have you heard of them?

They are these cool soles that tie so easily to your feet and stay their with their squeeze lock system. You feel barefoot in them, but you can hike, jog, walk, do yoga, and just about anything in them.

I took them on a trip with me to Oregon to truly test out their durability. I took them on every terrain, in the rain, in the sun. They were great. I loved every minute of my hike because I felt truly grounded the way I like to feel.

On their website GladSoles gives the top 3 reasons to buy GladSoles:

1. The sole is Flat, Flexible and Ultra Lightweight. It is custom-made to fit your feet. The more you wear them, the more they mold to your unique foot shape. Over time, they become like a second skin, offering protection from all of the rocks, roots, glass, etc. that you might come across in your travels.
2. Durable. Machine washable. Hand-Made in America (right here in New Jersey). Our Vibram® Soles last a really long time. Rain, dirt, mud – no problem. Hose your GladSoles down or throw them in the wash, and they are as good as new.

3. Easy, Secure and Comfortable lacing system. GladSoles are laced up just like the Tarahumara huaraches. We’ve taken time-tested, traditional sandals and brought them into the 21st century with our military strength paracord laces and squeeze lock system. Our laces are flexible, strong and silky smooth against your skin. Take your time and tweak the lacing until it is just right. Once you have dialed in the fit, your GladSoles become a Slip-On / Slip-off sandal. No need to retie them. And, with 11 colors to choose from, the laces and locks are easily swapped out when the time comes.

There are several more reasons listed on their site. Go get yourself a pair. Especially if you are a barefood badass like me :)

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