Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Get fit and healthy and still enjoy the holidays

It is  again. While I hate showing these pictures of me, I feel it is my duty to. I can help you if you feel like the girl on the left. That was me a year and a half ago. I feel it is time to once again share my story because of the holidays coming up. There is NO REASON you need to wait until the New Year to get your life back. 

I have a challenge group coming up that is designed to give you Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas eve, Christmas day, and New Years eve off. This is the plan I used to get my life back. Here is what we will be doing:
- A 3 day cleanse starting October 2nd to get out all the Halloween candy indulgences
-November 5th we start a 20 day clean eating program, along with committing to exercising 30 minutes a day for those 20 days. I have many guided programs to choose from. I have numerous guided meal plans with recipes and shopping lists provided. 
-Take a break from Thanksgiving until Monday November 30th when we start another 3 day cleanse to get out all the Thanksgiving indulgences.
-December 3rd We resume another #cleaneating program but this time it will be for 21 days. Boom.... It is Christmas and you are  
I will be doing the program with you and guiding you along the way. We will have a small group of committed individuals helping #motivate and #encourage each other. 

Want in? Email me: momwhatsfordinner@yahoo.com so we can get you your kits in time! 
 your life is NOW!

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