Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Compression active wear that doesn't budge

I workout daily. It is non-negotiable for this Cancer survivor to skip a day. 

Once I surrendered to that, the rest was easy. It is like brushing my teeth. I don't skip that, so why would I skip moving my body? The daily workout regime requires a nice big wardrobe of workout attire. So I have pretty much tried every brand out there. Today I want to introduce you to Yvette “Be Active, Be Daring, Be inspired” is their brand concept.At Yvette they believe each woman should have their own size of sports bras, from petite size to plus size, there is a size fits you. 

In this crow arm balance I am showing you their criss cross bra.  You can get it 10% off with code Christi10 at checkout.

What I love most about Yvette is that you can choose your level of compression. From light for yin yoga and light stretching to firm compression for cardio, cross-fit, and my favorite; getting upside down in some vigorous yoga. For someone like me that loves inversions and arm balances, the type of fit really matters or we end up with a wardrobe malfunction. Gotta strap those girls down! 

I have put my new Yvette outfit to the test. I did an extreme cardio workout, a mixed martial arts workout, a vigorous vinyasa, and then I went around and did my favorite inversions and arm balances and NOTHING budged.  In this picture I am wearing their criss cross bra and their sculpt mesh impact leggings.  You can get them 10% off with code Christi10 at checkout.

I never had to fix my outfit, or put body parts back where they should go. I didn't have to pull my pants back up after doing burpees either. The last thing I want to be worried about when I am in the thick of my workout is if I am covered properly. If you are wanting full coverage bras and leggings... I highly recommend Yvettes compression leggings and sports bras. Check them out and comment below on how much you love yours!

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