Saturday, August 20, 2011

Sabzi Polo ba Mahi

This week our theme for our Friday Night dinner with friends is "Persian Food". I have to be honest, a lot of Persian food calls for Meat. Lamb, Beef, and Pork. I sorted through hundreds of recipes learning what about their food culture and finally decided on this meal Sabzi Polo ba Mahi - Which is rice with greens that is typically served with fish. I chose Tilapia because it is a tender white fish that really takes on whatever flavor you cook it with. I also served it with a cilantro chutney with a little spice added. So it is Persian food with a twist. Here is the process...
3 cups rice
fresh parsley
green onions
lemon juice
garlic powder
flour ( I use better batter gluten free flour)

Chop up the parsley, cilantro, green onions and dill, This is now Sabzi. Use a food processor to chop it up.
I put the rice in a rice cooker along with 6 cups water. Add the Sabzi. It usually takes 30 minutes in the rice cooker. Once finished it is called Sabzi Polo.

For the fish that is served with the Sabzi Polo, first heat some oil in a frying pan.
Pour some flour in a bowl or plate and add salt, pepper, and garlic to it then mix together.
Put two eggs in a different bowl and mix it as well, then dip your fish into the eggs then into the flour.
Tilapia cooks very quickly.  After the fish is done frying you add some lemon juice to it.
Serve over the Sabzi Polo for Sabzi Polo ba Mahi. I also served Cilantro Chutney as garnish on the plate.

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