Friday, November 15, 2013

Spud Spikes

Today I want to introduce to you a cool new way to cook potatoes. No these are not nails. Well at least not the kind you get at a home depot store. These are potato nails. Spud Spikes®, The Original Food-Grade Stainless Steel 6-inch Baking Potato Nails to be exact. 

These food-grade stainless steel nails inserted into potatoes before 
baking will transfer your oven's heat to the center—allowing the potatoes to cook outward. This decreases overall baking time and saves you money.

They are simple to use!

Without the aid of the spud spike, I have to cook my potatoes at 350 degrees for 1 hour. With the spud spikes these huge potatoes came out perfectly in 30 minutes. Please note that using a glass dish may affect baking time. 

It saves time and energy. Time is money, so I am all about saving time!
Would you like to see Spud Spikes product line in more stores? Check out their fundraiser at and contribute to their Kickstarter campaign today!

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