Thursday, October 6, 2016

Funny Witty Workout Shirts and Tanks

Call it a conversation piece.
Call it the way I talk myself into a workout. 
Call it funny.
Call it sassy.

Whatever you call it... It is a trend so getcha some.

I am talking about the awesome shirts over at Wicked Custom Apparel. With funny saying like: "I am unable to quit as I am currently too legit" on my shirts. I get a lot of thumbs up, and "right on!". It is a lot of fun and really it cheers me up to put on an awesome shirt in the morning that cheers me up and others as well. 

My daughter even is enjoying sporting hers in Morocco! 

I love the fit. Not too tight. Not too loose. Makes it a go to for all working out. Easy to throw on and get sweaty, without having to worry about the fit. Barre, Pilates, Running, Yoga, Boxing, Dance, Cross-fit, every workout... they work for all of it. 
They are really affordable and cute. So head on over and get yourself a few. They have cute holiday shirts too. You can get them here
You are welcome. 

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