Monday, October 24, 2016

Giveaway for the hottest new MMA home workout program

I have a #GIVEAWAY alert! I have all the deets in the video below... but not everyone likes to watch videos. So I will also write out some of the deets for those that don't want to be bothered with a Vlog.

For those that want all the deets.. here they are:


I got my hot little hands on the BRAND NEW ... NOT EVEN RELEASED YET ..
Core De Force Program.
As if that wasn't enough.... it is autographed by the trainers.

You see I got to spend 3 days working out with them and learning about the new program at the beachbody leadership retreat. A coveted event that only a few hundred out of 450,000 get to attend.
I was honored.

So I got an extra autographed copy from the trainers Joel and Jericho that I am going to be giving away on October 31st.
Who wants to win it?

If you are interested in this program and are NOT a coach or working with a coach, simply add your email to the form below. I will be sending you information on how to join us in my online group where every day we help encourage eachother to:

Push Play
Eat clean
Be positive
Work toward goals both fitness and personal
Make new friends



Today (Oct 24th) is the last sneak peek of Core De Force on Beachbody On Demand, and this time the Beachbody Foundation will donate $10 to Big Brothers Big Sisters of America for every time someone streams the workout, up to $250,000! You can help us reach our goal simply by getting everyone you know to log onto Monday and get their sweat on with the BOD Sneak Peek. Big Brothers Big Sisters provides children with the right opportunities, tools and support needed to promote self-confidence, health and empowerment. Use the hashtag#BeAPositiveForce to let us know you did your part.#BigBrothersBigSisters #CoreDeForce

Remember to send your email to to join the test group, or for more information about Core De Force or any other nutrition and fitness programs. 

Ready to fight for it?

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