Friday, December 9, 2016

My recipe for a life of FREEDOM

If there is one thing I have wanted most in life it is #Freedom .
Freedom to travel and see the world.
Freedom to dress the way I want.
Freedom to get the tattoos i want.
Freedom to express myself the way I want.

Life without the burden of time + money = Freedom.
I found what works for me. I get to help myself and others with mindset, motivation, nutrition, exercise, social media training, etc... 
my way.

I am a yogi, and certified yoga teacher. So my brand is centered around balancing all things in life. Because we were meant to be abundant in ALL areas of our lives.
If you are curious about a career you can do YOUR way, working it into who YOU are (meaning you don't have to be a yogi!), then please join me and some of my team leaders for a glimpse into coaching.
When: Tuesday night December 13th from 7-8pm PST. 

We will be broadcasting live from our homes across the U.S. to tell you all about what we do.
We are opening some exclusive spots for our first elite training of 2017 and would love to see if you would be a good fit!
Can't wait to answer your questions.

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