Monday, June 26, 2017

How I changed my life with The Shift Shop

If you have not yet heard about the HOTTEST new workout coming out this July by Chris Downing and Beachbody... get ready!

I was so blessed to be asked by Corporate to participate in an exclusive elite coach test group for the Shift Shop. I jumped (literally) at the opportunity. I was scared and intimidated, but knew that meant I had to go for it. When fear creeps in, I let it be my compass. I am so thankful I listened to my soul and gave it all I got. We got to work every day with Chris (the creator). He went live with us, sent us videos, encouraging messages, and was an amazing coach and motivator.

This experience was life changing. It was a lot like when I went through my 200 hour yoga teacher training. The right grind gives you the right growth and boy did I grow.

I was blessed to have my whole family commit with me to this process.
So what did this commitment entail?

Shift Shop rule #1: Food is fuel.
We committed to following the meal plan that shifts each week. As your workouts ramp up, the carbs are reduced. By week 3 you have transitioned to a Low Carb High Protein diet. The program is an unlimited veggie program. So you are never hungry. Honestly it was a LOT of food. It is also a grain free program. I thought I would miss my bread and grains, but I was so full all the time I never craved it. Remembering this is a program for 21 days helps too. It is a program to shift your digestive system in the right direction and get your body moving like the machine it is. We had NO PROBLEM following the meal plan. We prepped 2 times a week and that was it. I found I had a lot more free-time because I usually cook every day. The meals were simple and tasty.

Here are a few examples of what we ate:

The next thing we committed to was pushing play on the workouts. Week 1 they are 25 minutes long. You alternate speed 25 and strength 25, with adding core to strength days. Core is an additional 14 minutes. Week 2 they ramp up to 35 minutes with the same alternating structure. Week 3 they are 45 minutes. There is an optional round 2 of this program that we also did where the workouts ramp up to 50 minutes.

Honestly.... I spend much more time than that watching other people live on TV so there was no excuse not to show up. The workouts are challenging in a GREAT way. Chris motivates you at all the right times and challenges you to use your spirit when your body gives up. I felt empowered and strong.

This was truly a blessing I will be forever grateful for. We finished strong. We did not cheat on our meal plan once. We did not miss a workout. So ya wanna see me and my families results?
 Me, Age 44 
 My husband Randy age 59

 My daughter Taylor age 24

My son-in-law Zak age 35

I am continuing to work with Chris in the coach test group as he still is talking to us daily and empowering us with motivational videos and working with us through our struggles. I am becoming a better coach because of him.

Shift #3 was our mindset. We teamed up and checked in each day in our online accountability group. Chris gives us daily messages, and in my group... I will also be giving messages along with Chris. So you will have the opportunity to have the same experience I did.

The program comes out to all Beachbody On Demand members July 12th, and I am leading a group through this same process. Chris and I will be guiding you along the way. This is an AMAZING opportunity to grasp the greatness that is within you.
Lets' get you set up with BOD now so you will be ready for the shift!
You can get set up here:

NOTE: Only people willing to do the entire program (meal plan and workouts) are allowed in my group. No half assers allowed. Shakeology is PART OF THE MEAL PLAN.

The entire program, plus access to all of my groups and all of my programs for a FULL YEAR is $160.

Please feel free to ASK ME A QUESTION.
I will be doing the program WITH you. The group registration CLOSES no later than July 17th as we begin PREPPING for the group. The first workout and meal is July 24th.
EMAIL me once you get your kit and I will add you to the group. I already have the meal plan up!

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