Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Make it for a week before you make it a lifestyle.

Happy Tuesday!

I have taken a long break from daily blogging/writing. Mostly because I write best in solitude. My life changed so much during my cancer recovery, I am such a different person, I rarely have solitude anymore. So the result has been ... less writing. I do love to write and express myself, so I am going to attempt to getting back into daily journaling here, even if it is just a quote or something to ponder.At least Monday - Friday, a girls gotta have breaks and time unlpugged. 🙂

Oh and I plan to use emoji's. I don't care if it isn't "proper" to do so on a blog. Hi, my name is Christi and I am far from proper. I am a freebird. I do my best to be true to my spirit. I strive to be a better me today than I was yesterday, and to give to others what I wish to have. I believe we all hold the power within us to do and be whatever we want. We also hold the chains that keep us from all we want.

This is my daily journey about breaking my chains and living a life by design.

Today I got to try out a new program that is coming out. I am so excited about it. You can see some of my clips below and give it a shot yourself. Get free access HERE .

What makes me so excited is that it is the perfect place to start. Often people don't believe they can do it. Or maybe they don't know where to start. Or they join a gym and never see results because no one is guiding them. This will put an end to it. They can get connected through me and my accountability group, they can get a week long nutrition plan for them to START with, and have guided exercises for 30 minutes a day they can do from anywhere as long as there is wifi. No excuses now!

If you are ready to give it a shot MESSAGE ME or connect with me via the event page HERE.

On another note I want to chat you up about my issue with people not believing in themselves.
What is up with that?
I am seriously FLOORED with what I hear every day from people. It is like their spirit light is turned off and they are on automatic pilot. I want to SCREAM: "Wake up!". What is it that drives you? Why are you here? It is NOT to pay bills and die. It is NOT to spend the majority of your life showing up to work for someone else's dreams!!! Time and time again I watch people go to school to be a yoga teacher because it was their dream, only to find them a year later hating life because they spend all their time driving from studio to studio barely making ends meet... and their love for yoga starts to fizzle. I see the same in all professions.

Why not side hustle? Why not pursue your OWN company while you do the grunt work for someone else. It will never cease to amaze me that people will give 8 hours of their life to someone else but can't show up for their own dreams.

Look, I have a blueprint for how to succeed in online coaching. If you are in the health and fitness industry at all... I personally think it is a shame and a waste to not be profiting off your own brand on the side. I have a blueprint for how to do it. So if you want it, you best be contacting me TODAY!

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