Thursday, September 7, 2017

My transformation can lead to your transformation

Since it is #ThrowbackThursday and I have a few hundred new followers I thought it was time to share with you all my starting point.
On the left is 4 years ago. I was 65 pounds heavier, looked a LOT older, was very unhappy, uncomfortable, and 6 weeks prior had a fe#Cancer tumors removed from my body. I was riddled with guilt and shame and surrounded by toxic "friends". I made a decision. I was worth fighting for. I told my family and everyone who would listen that I was never looking back. I would reclaim my health and happiness. So my daughter Taylor Ann Moufaddal forced me to stand there while she took my "before" picture. I refused at first but she said I would be so happy later when I looked back and could see how far I have come, and she was SO RIGHT!
I lost friends along the way, but they were not the kind of people that were going to help encourage and love me. I can pretty much guarantee they are all still right where they were or further down the path of destruction. I knew in order to change my life, I had to change both who I hung around, and my daily habits. So set forth and found a solution I could stick with. A permanent lifestyle change.
So here I am today on the right. Modeling for an active wear company. 65 pounds lighter, looking a LOT younger even though I am 4 years older, I am SO comfortable in my own skin, #CancerFree , and helping thousands overcome the same issues I used to have. The people that surround me lift me up with positivity, love and SUPPORT !
My entire life changed with ONE DECISION.
If you are ready to make that decision, I am here to help you every step of the way. I have a community of loving supportive people ready to embrace you. #DontWait all you have to do is decide and we can #StartTODAY

I have an amazing FREE group for you! 
Next one is September 17th and will be running them weekly until December 31st.
Cost: Free
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