Wednesday, September 20, 2017


It is #WomanCrushWednesday and I am crushing hard on some of the amazing souls I got to sweat with for the past 6 weeks. We are all different shapes and sizes all with different goals.

Tas Scott-Gass is on the quest for abs with me and she shed a TON of inches and pounds and one day closer to the toned tummy she craves.

 Erika Jade Curtis and Amanda Desiree Orth were looking to shed some pounds and get stronger and they both achieved it and are still going strong.

 Christina Lee Gamble came to me when she hit a plateau and over the past 6 weeks she lost 20 pounds and is still going strong!
 Reigna Fall who wanted to reclaim her pre-baby weight, she just had her son 7 months ago guys and she is stronger, and healthier than she was pre-pregnancy!
 Morissa Mercaldo wanted to lose some tummy softness and gain abs and she did just that.

These are just a few of my daily familiar faces that help me push through to my goals just as much as I help them. The accountability, friendship and encouragement are 100% what gets me through the hard days, and propels me further on the great days.
Whatever your obstacle...whatever your goal is, I can help get you there! Come sweat it out with me and these ladies each day in our online community and see what it does for you! It changed our lives...Why Not You???

It is the perfect time to get started. Try it out for a week before you make it a permanent lifestyle with Clean Week! We start October 7th, but registration closes October 6th with limited spaces. EMAIL me and lets get ya signed up! 

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