Tuesday, June 18, 2019

An at home program that will change everything

I don’t have time.
I can’t afford it.
I’ll wait till life isn’t so crazy.
At home workouts don’t work.
I’ve never stuck to anything...
How is this any different?
I get it. These are all things I told myself before I took the leap and decided to take my health and fitness into my OWN HANDS.
I’ve talked to a lot of people lately who have the desire to make a change, or commit to their journey, but there’s just something holding them back.

I have been working something special with my team for a while, and this next week I’m doing something I’ve only done one other time in the history of my business, but I’m confident that once you give it a shot, you’ll fall in love just like I did.
SO I will be hosting a FREE 7 Day Love your BOD challenge starting Monday to not only help you jumpstart your health and fitness but ALSO give you a little taste of what it’s like to be a part of my community, because it is the GAME CHANGER! Its my secret sauce. It is what has changed so many lives!
On top of having me as your coach AND my online community to lift you up daily with encouragement, love and motivation, but you’ll get workouts you can do at home or take to the gym with you, a meal plan to dabble in our nutrition program, daily check ins, a chance to win prizes, and more COMPLETELY FREE. Plus, no commitments after the week is over. If it’s not for you, no biggie. You can still creep my posts here. 😉
Click the link https://www.facebook.com/groups/846007492464816 , add yourself to the Facebook group (cannot be a coach or be working with a coach), When it asks who your coach is, simply write Christi!  and answer the question! We get going starting MONDAY!
Come hang. You have NOTHING to lose, except your excuses. 😉

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Personalized TARGETED Nutrition saved me!
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