Thursday, June 2, 2011

Chile Lime Grilled Corn

The thing I love about living here in Southern California is that it is always grilling season. With the exception of maybe 7 days a year, I can pretty much guarantee the use of my grill if I want it. One dish that the entire family loves is fresh corn. You can serve this dish either on the cob, or cut it off. Whichever you choose. It is naturally gluten free and delicious.

I like a little zing and spice to my corn. A while back I learned to grill corn with the husks on. It changed everything. It adds flavor and takes away the tedious task of individually wrapping them in foil. Here is how I made mine tonight.

•1/2 cup butter softened
•1/2 teaspoon grated lime peel
•3 tablespoons lime juice
•1 teaspoon chili powder
•8 ears corn
1.Heat gas or charcoal grill. In small bowl, mix all ingredients except corn.

2.Remove large outer husks from each ear of corn; gently pull back inner husks and remove silk.
Spread each ear of corn with about 2 teaspoons butter mixture;

reserve remaining butter mixture. Pull husks up over ears.

3.Place the corn on grill. Cook over medium heat for 15 minutes, turning frequently, until tender.
Let stand 5 minutes. Serve corn with remaining butter mixture.

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  1. yum! thanks for this! we got 10 ears of corn for $2. That's a lot for the two of us. So it's nice to know another way to make them! Have you ever tried corn grilled with soy sauce? That's the Japanese way to do it. DELICIOUS!

  2. I will try the soy. Problem is, Soy sauce is full of gluten, but I am told that amino acids "Braggs" taste just like soy sauce. The gluten free soy sauce tastes like watery salt. It's yucky unless you add a lot of ingredients to it. So I just got a bottle of it and I will try it with corn! Thanks for the tip! Nothing better than fresh corn!

  3. The corn is not quite ready here yet but I am looking froward to trying this as soon as it is, can't wait!!

  4. loved this recipe! Congratulations, my dear. I loved your blog; so, I'm a follower, now.

    Kisses from Brazil!


  5. I am so glad you liked it Luiz! I look forward to sharing more recipe's with you!


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