Friday, January 17, 2014

The Artisan Food Entrepreneur

Recently I was blessed by being able to review the book;
The Artisan Food Entrepreneur (Where Woman Create Business). It is a great book that profiles thirty of the top “foodie” entrepreneurs in the industry. This book is full of beautiful photography, and inspiring stories from restaurant owners, farmers, beekeepers, bakers, and more.

I highly recommend this book for anyone who is thinking or interested in diving into the "foodie" business. The book is filled with tips for success as well as honesty about how hard you have to be willing to work to make your dream a success. 

Where else can you get advice from 30 of the industries leaders? The book is full of helpful information, like this business tip:

Recipe for Success

1 part Strong Passion, steeped until robust enough to hold its strength even when more hot water is added!
1 part Crystal Clear Plan
4 Essential Essences: 
1. Know your Numbers 
2. Leadership Skills
3. Stick to Core Competencies
4. Nurture all Relationships

Method: Review and revisit your ingredient list monthly. Do better each year. Be open to the possibility that there is always a better recipe. Be a student of all new ingredients for improvement. 

Being in the business, I know well how people think it just falls in your lap. If I hear "you are so lucky" one more time I am going to scream. It is NOT luck. I work. I work very very hard. When I am not working, I am networking. Nothing every falls in anyone's lap. It takes the 3 D's; Diligence, Drive, and Determination.

So if the Artisan food world is calling your name. Go out and get this book. It will be the best first step you could possibly make. 

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