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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Orange Creamsicle Sugar Free Greek Yogurt

I am so in love with SweetLeaf® Liquid Stevia Sweet Drops™. Have you heard of them? They are made with stevia leaf extract and natural flavors, can be added to foods or beverages – from yogurt to oatmeal, water to coffee, sauces to smoothies – for sweet, sugar-free flavor. The drops are available in 17 flavors(Coconut • Watermelon • Cola • Lemon Drop • Valencia Orange • Berry Chocolate Raspberry • English Toffee • Vanilla Crème • Hazelnut • Peppermint • Root BeerGrape • Apricot Nectar • Chocolate • Cinnamon) and come in a convenient dropper bottle.

You might as well get to a whole foods soon and get them, or you can order them directly from sweet leaf here: http://www.sweetleaf.com/products/sweet-drops-products because I am going to be bringing you a lot of sugar free recipes using these little drops of goodness.

Now I am shocked that still a lot of people don't know what Stevia really is. It is a composite herb native to South America whose leaves are the source of a noncaloric sweetener. Translated, it is just a plant. There is not any chemicals or artificial flavors. It is a safe natural herb that happens to be sweet.

So because I don't like the chemical laden yogurt sold at the store, I am making my own favorite flavor. Takes a minute to make and is oh so good. Enjoy!

Orange Creamsicle Sugar Free Greek Yogurt
author: Christi Silbaugh

Juice from one clementine, cutie, tangerine etc...
1 cup plain greek yogurt
5 drops valencia orange Sweet Drops™
5 drops vanilla creme Sweet Drops™

Mix all ingredients together and serve. It tastes so good mixed with fruit. 

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