Saturday, February 14, 2015

Middle Must Go Madness

kay truth moment. This coach is struggling this time around with my program because of so many amazing things happening. My son just came for a visit. My sister arrives today, then it is my birthday and then I am leaving on an all expense paid trip to a retreat with some of the best life changers. So I know I am not going to be able to 100% stick to the program. So I am planning ahead for my next round. Where I have some space to be home and concentrate on my goals... which are those abs for spring break!!!  
No more baggy (albeit oh-so-cozy) sweaters to hide our winter "gotta stay warm" layer!!!! I'm a beach girl now and bikini season is gonna be here SO SOON!!#MiddleMustGoMadness  is on the horizon! Time to plan!

Do you have a trip or somewhere warm and sunny on your horizon? Need to lose that muffin top and shred down to that sexy bod you're hiding by Spring Break? ME TOO!!

I'm looking for some accountability partners and friends to join me as I COMMIT to the ENTIRE 21 days of my new program!! I am SO looking forward to dialing in and focusing on my portions along those 30 minute workouts that keep me feeling "just" the right amount of sore and seeing progress week after week!!

I can't do this alone! Yes, I might be working out in my living room alone ((makes it so convenient to squeeze that half an hour in every day--no excuses)) but I need that daily check in and support to keep me going. I will do the same for you!! 

Comment below, like, or send a PM! Email: 
Tag a friend who would enjoy doing this too (the more accountability buddies the better!!)!! 
Gonna keep this private group small and intimate and I'm only taking folks serious about nourishing and investing in their health--mind, body, spirit, and belly--and SERIOUS about getting results with me! Is that you? 

This program is only on sale until February 28th. It comes in two levels, beginner or "ready for more" :)  Get yours on sale and join me and @harmony527 for fun #exercises#accountability#support and#motivation in your #weightloss journey. Together#WeCanDoIt

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