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Monday, March 23, 2015

I challenge you to eat clean and take your superfoods for 7 days and see for yourself.

Okay y'all! It is Spring now. Time to start getting ready to shed those Winter clothes. Are you ready? 

YOU! Yes YOU!!! I am challenging YOU to try clean eating and taking your‪ ‎superfoods‬ for 7 days. These cancer‬ fighting nutrients‬ that give you a burst of energy can't be beat and I am dying to have everyone just try it consistently while eating clean for just 7 days. If it doesn't change you, I WILL BE SHOCKED!!! I can do it with you one on one or you can join my‪ ‎accountability‬ group that helps us stay on track. I have recipes, shopping lists, and all you need to succeed. 
Who's in? 
Email me  -- momwhatsfordinner@yahoo.com

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