Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Organic and Non-Gmo... no problem!

Today I want to give a huge shout out to Jimbo's Naturally. They recently sponsored Nourish the Workshop and helped us provide Parents and Kids with a wholesome meal at our yoga and nutrition workshop. 
I decided to take a longer time than usual during this visit to Jimbo's so I could show you why they are so great. 
So let's go in shall we? 

If you follow me, you know my passion is all about ending the trend of obesity in this nation. I believe it is 80% nutrition and 20% exercise that will do it. Fueling your body with wholesome whole foods that are non-gmo and organic is the first step to a healthy life. That is why Jimbo's is so awesome. They strive to have a non-gmo store and do their best to label accordingly so you are always educated about what is in your food. Even though I try to stay away from packaged food as much as possible. There are some healthy ones out there like my favorite brown rice cakes that are a great go-to for lunches and snacks. So happy they are non-gmo and organic! 

The produce at jimbo's is amazing. I could spend all day in that section. Oh the possiblities!!! Thank you Jimbo's for having nothing but the best! 
What I am holding here is a daikon and it is one of my go-to veggies for kids. Why? Because you can make cute shapes out of them, and they are pretty much tasteless. Which means they adapt to whatever flavor you dip them in. I serve these cute skewers with my greek yogurt ranch dip and the kids go crazy.
Teaching the next generation about wholesome food is the only way we can break the cycle. Getting them to learn healthy food is yummy and fun is so important!!! Many of these kids had never had a daikon before. It is like a cross between a radish and a carrot. Texture of a radish, with a bland flavor like a carrot. 

With all this amazing produce donated by Jimbo's 
I was able to teach the parents how to make healthy fun food for their kids, while they enjoyed a fun yoga class from Heather Foat! She played yoga bingo with them and got some of their energy out while I met with the parents. 

  The parents got to ask me questions and create something fun!
So their kids came out of class with a full fun plate of healthy food to eat! 

I want to extend much love and gratitude to Jimbos' Naturally for supporting our cause to bring movement and nutrition to EVERYONE! 
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