Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Yogi approved tank top

I recently was blessed with a package from Balini Sports. In my line of work, I get to try out a lot of fitness apparel, a wonderful perk. Some stand out more than others. Balini Sports stands out to me because I have had a big problem with finding a top and bra that will hold everything in while I am in the throws of my Vinyasa flow. I have found that sun salutations lead to apparel malfunction with even some of the top brands out there. I was so frustrated I went to lululemon to see if their price tag might reflect in some deep dark hidden secret on how to keep the girls strapped in after several chaturanga's. Alas, after spending over $100 I trotted to a yoga studio only to find I still had the same issue. 
SO... you can imagine my happiness when I wore my new Balini Sports Megan Yoga tank
Usually in this halfway lift, I am tucking things back where they go. Love the freedom this tank top gives me! 
I am now able to do a full class without having to adjust my top. SO WONDERFUL!!!

BaliniSports was founded on a mantra of freedom; the freedom to move without restrictions, the freedom to live a full life, free of anything holding you back.
Upside down is no longer a problem! The tank stays at my waist while holding in things that need to be kept away.

The bluesign® certification guarantees that Balini Sports products are made exclusively of a combination of components and processes that are harmless to human beings and the environment.

Balini’s friendship with INVISTA has allowed them to use technologically advanced fabrics that provide quick-drying comfort, softness, strength and style. That partnership has also allowed them to provide eco-friendly fibers to fabric mills that operate within an eco-friendly process, making every step of the manufacturing process environmentally friendly and bluesign® certified. 

The bluesign® certification guarantees that their products are made exclusively of a combination of components and processes that are harmless to human beings and the environment. In order to achieve this certification, their brand’s manufacturing process undergoes rigorous testing to comply with the standards set to reduce the textile industry’s impact on people and the environment. 
#BaliniSports doesn’t just use eco-conscious fibers; they pride themselves in having a complete manufacturing process that’s ecologically aware, operating in an effort to reduce our footprint.  How they source, how they recycle, how they treat the water, how they dye, even the dye they use is all part of a living a dream while loving the Earth.

As a consumer, you can feel good purchasing Balini Sports products knowing that you’re giving yourself and the world the best opportunity to thrive.

This yogi approves!! 

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