Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Haters be hatin'

I received some negative comments on my exercises today. They weren't perfect. They have been deleted because i don't spread that ish. 💩
As much as this job fills me with love and light and uplifting amazing souls. It also sometimes brings out the haters. Guess what haters ... I don't care. 
I have this! 
THIS to celebrate. 💪 
And I am shrinking even more. It isn't about being perfect, and it sure as hell is not about being judged. It is about surrounding myself with people who help me and help me learn how to protect my mindset from mean people like you. 
I love my team and they love me and you can't shoot that down! 🙌
I have my health👆
I have my happiness😄
I have my superfoods🍹
I have my team👪
I have my transformation💪

I will keep transforming and learn from it all. The good and the bad. And hey, if you aren't making waves... your dream isn't big enough!

If you are ready to transform, please email me momwhatsfordinner@yahoo.com

All levels welcome. I'm not perfect either!

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