Sunday, April 10, 2016

Summer Slim down - Lose weight and get fit for summer

Yes that is me in the first picture, and me in the second picture. I have helped a lot of people reach their health and fitness goals, but I don't share their vulnerable pictures with the public unless they are ready for it.. SO here I am sharing mine. 

On the left is what I looked like at the beginning of my coaching journey. I was all clear for physical activity and knew that if I committed to documenting my journey, it would hold me accountable. It was life or death for me. It is just as hard for me as anyone else to exercise and eat right. It was a HUGE struggle for me to overcome and I feel like it is my duty to help others. I realize not everyone is ready to share their journey publicly. That is why I run small intimate groups, for those that are ready to get healthy, but maybe not publicly.

I am looking for those of you in the first picture.
If you are ready to achieve your goals and are ready to commit to checking in each day, with me and a few other ladies that are in your same spot. Please email me:

I am going to personally run this group and it can be done from anywhere in the U.S. and Canada, with any mobile device. I am calling it #SummerSlimdown2016  

Spring break is over and it is time you invest in your health. 
What you will get:

- Daily Guided exercise
- Personal Development
- Positive Support System
- Motivation
- Amazing Private Community
- Encouragement
- Love
- Guided Meal Prep
- Recipes
- Shopping Lists
- Tips
- Friends

New group is starting up so let's get you ready!

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