Sunday, April 24, 2016

7 days left don't miss out

7 days left to sign up for my new coach training that I wrote for those wanting to make a difference in themselves and the lives of others.
I am only looking for people who are looking for me. For people who know there is more out there, but maybe don't know how to take the steps to get them to ultimate freedom.
When I talk to people about what I do, so often their response is "I don't have time." In my heart I know they don't have the time NOT to. But they just can't see past their current circumstances. They choose not to see what short term sacrifice can do for the rest of their lives.
For as long as I can remember, I have longed for freedom and freedom of time, because there is nothing that makes you richer than having complete control over how you spend each precious moment you are given!
If you follow my journey you can see my travels unfolding.
These are the days I've worked so hard for, and they are the same days that make me so excited to continue to help mentor others so they're able to do the same.
If you feel a tug. That is your soul saying: "take a chance". 
before all the slots fill up.
This is your chance to work one in one with an elite coach and author.‪#‎itsYourTurn‬

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