Thursday, June 2, 2016

Live the life of your dreams, stop waiting, start doing.

When I FIRST became a coach ...I did it to become healthy. PERIOD. I knew I needed accountability to do so. I believe everyone does unless you have the will power of Jesus.. and I don't! 

Then When I signed up, I was told that VISUALIZATION and Picturing what you want WHILE putting the work behind it was KEY. I pictured myself with long hair, a slim build, happy and healthy, traveling... basically I pictured this picture.... AND GUESS WHAT? It's real! It is no longer a dream or a goal, it has happened and is continuing to happen. 

I am not here to shame you in to thinking you aren't enough where you are. Because you ARE enough. I am here to tell you that IF YOU ARE NOT where you want to be... you can get there. YOU have the power! I am a strong believer people but at some point you have to STOP looking UP and START looking INSIDE yourself. God gave you the strength beautiful. You have it. You can do it! 
WHATEVER you want, it's possible. WHATEVER you can dream, you can DO. We get JADED from life and we forget that mentality we have as children that let's us SET FREE our imagination, before we are jaded from FAILURE. GUESS WHAT? Failure is STUPID. 

The only way you fail, is if you stand still and don't do anything. YOU hold the power.

I would love to help you find it. I work with my team on mindset and the will to push through and conquer or fears and celebrate our triumphs. You ready? 

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