Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Moscow mules anyone? How about a REALLY cool gift idea?

It is my honor today to tell you about @thoughtfullyco who's passion is to create a new gifting experience much more exciting than traditional gift baskets. They believe that a gift should last long after the beautiful wrappings have been torn away. A truly thoughtful gift is a story – a curated adventure perfect for each special individual in your life. #GiftThoughtfully to your friends and family and let them taste, see, smell, and experience the stories of Thoughtfully.

I was gifted this awesome Moscow Mule set! Two copper mugs, a glass shaker, gourmet ginger beer and moscow mule mix all help the cause. And the coasters, the candied ginger and the matryoshka jigger will show that someone is a full-fledged member of the party. Moscow mule sets should be smuggled to anyone eager to host a meeting at home. What a FUN gift! Check them out guys! thoughtfully.com

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