Friday, November 18, 2016

FREE 7 day Thanksgiving meal plan for Autoimmune Paleo and Gluten free peeps

Super stoked to have an awesome team! My coach put together this amazing FREE support group for those of us trying to stay on track... but still want to celebrate.
Do you want to join me? I will be trucking right along with you!
This group will have menus and recipes for people who:
a) like to eat good food!
b) follow a #Paleodiet
c) are #Glutenfree or #Celiac
d) need to adhere to #AutoImmuneProtocol for various chronic ailments and diseases! ((anti -inflammatory diet))
e) can't cook (🙋🏼) and would like to let the #instantpot Or #slowcooker work magic!
f) want to indulge but don't wanna take home muffin tops 😂
Basically - this just means, I GOT YOU COVERED! You do not need to miss out on holiday foods and fun "just because" you're prioritizing your own health!
If you are interested message me at and I would be happy to include you!!! ❤️
pssst! Everything pictured here are both #GF :and: #AIP friendly
All #FREE 

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