Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Core De Force is FINALLY HERE!!!

It is FINALLY HERE!!!! I am so excited!! 

This is the program I have been telling you about. I was blessed enough to get to do Core De Force Live with the trainers that made the program and it was AMAZING. They gave us pre-release copies and I am on day 12. I have never seen results like this, this quickly. 
How about you? What could you accomplish in just 30 days? How about getting into knockout shape — with a workout designed to help you drop serious weight, carve your entire core, and leave you feeling empowered!

Here’s how it works: each workout is broken into 3-minute “rounds” — just like a real boxing match. In those 3 minutes you’ll alternate between addictive Boxing, Kickboxing, and Muay Thai-inspired combinations, bodyweight training, and cardio spikes that kick your fat burn into overdrive. But all that punching and kicking doesn’t just burn calories. Each move, whether it’s a jab or a knee, is rotational, giving you a 360-degree core workout that will tighten up your entire midsection. All you have to do is hit it hard 3 minutes at a time and before you know it — you’re done!

This program is for anyone who wants to lose the belly — whether you’re a beginner or you’re more advanced. There’s even a modifier in every workout and move breakdowns to help you master your hooks and kicks from the get-go.

The BEST savings to get this kit is in a challenge pack. You basically get the program for $10 with all the savings. It comes with either Shakeology or the Performance Line, along with the containers, a shaker bottle. It is an $89 savings. Here are all the options for you. 

BASE KIT $59.85
DVDS + Meal Plan + Portion Containers

DELUXE KIT $119.70
DVDS + Meal Plan + Portion Containers + 3 Bonus Workouts 

BASE KIT (listed above) + SHAKEOLOGY ($190 value)

BASE KIT (listed above) + Performance Line (Energize & Recover) ($190 value)

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