Saturday, January 14, 2017

New Sinful Snack that is actually quite healthy

My oh my... I think I hit the mother load. Blogging is a fun thing, especially when you get to try new HEALTHY treats that taste like a decadent truffle. I was given a pack of these new ProBurst Bites from enjoy life foods to try. They simply asked I share my opinion in return. 
Healthy chocolate?
I'm in!

Especially since it was Enjoy Life Foods that was asking. They have a solid reputation in my book. Non-Gmo is SO important to me, and they are non-gmo! I am picky. So I did my research. These bad boys are packed with up to 7 grams of plant-based protein per serving!!! These heavenly chocolate, truffle-like bites are perfect for an allergy-friendly decadent snack. Enjoy life foods has earned mad respect from me because they are always FREE from all major food allergens:

Tree Nut

I REALLY enjoyed these and I WILL be purchasing more from my local market. While I liked them all, my favorite 2 were the sunbutter, and the cinnamon spice. Both were to die for. 

My family enjoyed these for our friday family game night. Instead of crappy food, we got some nutrition in us while feeling like we were cheating. So it was a win. EVERYONE loved them. Thumbs up!!!

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