Sunday, January 29, 2017

Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity

What is opportunity worth to you?

As I am closing up the final days of the first month in 2017, I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement watching the new members of team nourish take off, get their first big paychecks, advancing in rank, getting featured on various fitness apparel and gears sites!!! NOTHING makes me happier than watching others thrive in this business using the tools I have taught them. 

Sometimes I think back to all the people I talked to who WANTED this opportunity, but let fear get the better of them, so they let it pass them by. I think about what their bank accounts and workout wardrobe would look like now. What friendships they have missed out on. I think of their missing faces at summit when we are all together celebrating. I think about them being stuck at that job they told me they wanted out of. A WHOLE YEAR just GONE and they are still stuck in the same situation. All because of fear or lack of knowledge.

What REALLY saddens me most are the ones that are doing the job already, for nothing, getting nothing in return and missing out on reaching and HELPING thousands more with their posts because they are afraid to believe in their power. 

So the text on this image rings SO true to me.... how missed opportunity is so expensive. I do this to help save others from the ugly path of cancer that I went down. I tried all gimmicks before and then cancer taught me there are no shortcuts. You have to eat right, show up and workout, and also work on your mindset to make a shift happen in your life. 

So to all I have spoken to in the past. To all who have watched my posts about joining #TeamNourishbut you just ignored that tug. NOW is the time to TAKE ACTION and kick fear to the curb and START. Trust that my team and I have you. We will walk or run with you. love you, encourage you, inspire you, challenge you, and work WITH you to get you to all your hopes and dreams. 

I am looking for people that want their job to have purpose. Your earnings are a direct reflection of how many people YOU HELP. 

Are you finally ready to stop with the excuses? 
5 spots left and we start Feb 6th.

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