Tuesday, July 23, 2019

No budge squat proof leggings and sports bras

Before this past week I have never purchased a pair of fitness leggings or yoga leggings. Don't get me wrong...I have owned over a hundred pair and that's low balling it. During my cancer recovery I wrote a book and every brand under the sun wanted me to wear their gear for their brand to be seen in the book and on my blog, so they sent me free leggings, bras, and tops. Then I started running challenges and brands would sponsor me and send me more leggings. I have been blessed to gift leggings to women's shelters and challengers and coaches that lost weight and needed new clothes.
Some leggings were great. Others were awful ( having to pull up after every move). There were few that were perfection.
I call those the rare gems.
So when I found these new leggings that fit like perfection and DIDN'T BUDGE , were squat proof and was okay for both of my practices yoga AND cardio...I had to order more. 

These are legit and I love the support of the sports bra too. 
I am definitely gonna be getting more too. #NotSorry I can donate the other ones. These are worth their weight in gold. If you want to snag some for yourself all the styles are on THIS PAGE.

Can't wait to show you how I put all these to action the next 100 days.

Nothing motivates me more than new workout clothes that fit perfectly. 

What motivates you?

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