Monday, May 3, 2010

Many styles of Caprese

Today was a great day. Mondays can be hard, a lot of work to be done, since the biz is closed every weekend it makes Monday mornings a lot busier than any other day. However, I was bright eyed and bushy tailed by 8am, hit work hard and was able to cook up a storm tonight. I am not posting the recipes. I can tell you I made a Caprese dinner, and a salad. However, HOW I do it... that is another story. Every good cook keeps their secrets.

I have to say, a highlight of my day... Devon came over and brought me a present for NO REASON. I haven't posted it on here, but I have been not feeling so well all weekend. Devon went to the local street fair on Sunday where she bought me an apron that says: " Wine is the answer, but I forgot the question" I LOVE IT!!!! I put it right on and started my cooking. Thank you Devon! Now I gotta find a gift to give you for no reason at all. =)

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