Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Margarita Meat

Today FLEW by! By 9am I was down in Miramar with my dear friend Maria buying items for the fundraiser this weekend. I am hosting a table (which means you decorate it and bring dishes, decor etc...) Maria offered to help me, and her friend Janet, who is becoming my friend as well, got us into her wholesale decor place. Long story short, after a morning of shopping, a wonderful lunch at Los Olas (best mexican food), I am prepared for this weekends fundraiser. Then I had to come home and get caught up on work. Life is busy in the dog clothes world. By 4pm I was in a frenzy. My husband who loves to hoard things, struck once again. After 30 minutes of me dragging various items to the curb for tomorrow's trash day, I was ready to take on dinner. Lovely evening, corn is in season... time for tri-tip. All you need is:

I had soaked my corn overnight. So this meal took me 30 minutes from start to finish.
 Lightly tenderize the steak. I use my awesome tenderizer It is by Jaccard and it just puts little slits in the meat.

I then pour tequila, probably 1/4 cup over the meat. I rub lightly with rock salt. 1 TB total on both sides. Use the juices of one lime. Sprinkle Cholula seasoning powder and pepper. Marinate while you bringTri-tip to room temperature while heating up the grill. Heat up stove and put 1 TB olive oil in it. Sear each side of tri-tip.

Grill until desired. 5 min each side for rare. 10 min each side Med. 15 min each side for well done.

Corn I have posted before. 20 minutes on the grill. Tada! Dinner.
Ok so it wasn't one of my large gourmet meals. But I had to throw it together quickly. The husband is sick with what I had last weekend... STILL... seems to take him twice as long to heal. So I was the garbage lady, Cook, Business owner, Worker, Fundraiser Queen, Mother and Father today. Hats off.. I am happy with my quick meal. And it was scrumptious.

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