Friday, January 7, 2011

Thai One On

Tonight I had the wonderful chance to review the restaurant Thai One On. It is a very nice Thai restaurant located in Vista California. It didn't seem like Vista. It was not that far from my house, but yet the address says Vista.
Thai One On (Fine Thai Cuisine)
485 S Melrose Dr

Vista, CA 92081

When I walked in, I was pleasantly overwhelmed by all of the yummy smells. The atmosphere is perfect. Not too big, not too small. They were quick to get us a seat. It was Friday night at 6:45 pm and even though the restaurant was busy. There was still room for us 3.
The tables were set nicely.

They also are positioned well in the restaurant so while it is busy, you still feel like you can enjoy a nice conversation. We however enjoyed a nice little chess lesson. ( I am proud to be learning, thank you very much!)

The server was very nice. They did not wear name tags, so I can't give her props. But all the same, She was on it. I ordered a Pinot Grigio because I planned to get some spicy food. I felt like I snapped my fingers and it was there.

Let me give you the run down of what was ordered between 3 of us. I did not eat it all, so I took the word of who was eating the dish. Since I am not a meat lover. I had that covered by someone who was.


Angel Wings:

Tom Yum:

Fresh Rolls:

Main Courses:

Red Curry:

Yellow Curry:

Vegetarian Drunken Noodles:

For the most part Thai food is self explanatory. I could give you the run down. But if you like Yellow Curry. You will LOVE their yellow curry. If you like Red curry, you will LOVE their red curry. The drunken noodles were mine (big surprise!) I loved it. I only could eat half, because I had eaten 3 of the vegetarian fresh rolls with peanut sauce. The only part of my dish (because of course I have to try to fix something right?) that I would change, is the zucchini. I just don't like it. I don't care who you are, or how good you think you cook zucchini. I just don't care for it. When I go back (cuz I will), I will get the same dish, but ask to hold the zucchini. The other 2 guests with me loved their food. They both said they would re-order what they got. So all together if you are in my neck of Southern California. Be sure to check out Thai One On. The service was great. The food was even better.


  1. So they actually had chess at the table? Wow! never heard of that!
    We have a Thai restaurant over here that I used to go to with my parents regularly. I always ordered off their American menu though. Since, as you know, I'm not very adventurous with what I eat.

  2. No, we brought our own chess game. I got Randy one for Christmas that is magnetic so that once we are on our boat it won't move around. It is nice and portable.
    Nikki I would think that you would like thai food! Noodles and sauce... yum!

  3. I rememeber this. It is a fine restaurant. We even played chess. What a hoot.


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