Tuesday, September 24, 2013

California Limited

I wanted to take a break from food for a moment and tell you about a great company here in California called; California Limited.
I received a super soft adorable shirt from them. I knew immediately that my daughter would go crazy for this shirt. She has always suffered from a little OCD and can't stand any seams or scratchy material. Their stuff is seriously soft and comfortable. Taylor loved it! 

I love promoting new companies that are started by young struggling entrepreneurs. This company was started by two guys in a tiny 1 bedroom apartment in Los Angeles. It is thriving and they had to upgrade to a 4 bedroom home to accommodate the supply and demand. 

I also love promoting local companies. Their products are made 100% in California. Never fear though, you they ship! They are also affordable. This high quality super soft shirt is only $19! 
So if all your leaves are brown, and the sky is gray... Go get one of these shirts and keep your California dreamin' alive!

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