Thursday, January 7, 2016

21 day plant based detox

Vegetarian quinoa sushi for dinner on day 6 of my 21 day plant based detox.
Running another round of this amazing program in a few weeks and would love to have you join me!
What is it? 

•For starters I don't want you exercising for the three weeks! I want you to fully get the physical benefits of this program. 
•Each of the three phases prepares your body to completely and comprehensively detox, cleanse, heal and RESET from the inside out. •You'll eat FULL delicious meals daily with an amazing cooking class DVD and intricate meal guide (as well as a step by step cooking website). 
✔ No starvation! 
✔ No juicing. 
Just while food supplements and a structured schedule daily. AND my‪#‎superfood‬ wellness shake too!!! •You'll be supported in a private group of others and encouraged to take time for YOU daily. Yoga. Epsom Salt and Dry Brushing. I'll support you through it all! {your inner journey will parallel the external}

This is fantastic if you....
•Struggle to lose the weight you want
•Brain fog
•Soda Addiction
•Sugar Dependency •Exhaustion
•Poor sleep
•Skin issues
•IVF history •high blood pressure
•Gas, bloating and other tummy issues
•Depression, Anxiety or mood issues ...and more. 
I'm doing this one again in a few weeks leading a group (including YOU!) this in a few weeks?? Email-- or comment with an "I need a reset" and I will get you the details! 

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