Friday, January 1, 2016

Whole organic 21 day detox day one.

I started day one of my 21 day detox today. Even though my group doesn't start yet, I wanted to do it ahead of them so I can help them through it.
As a coach I think it's so important to go through the programs myself first. So I then know how to lead.
So this was my breakfast. 

I haven't felt hungry yet at all. Plenty of food. I don't agree with starving or depriving yourself. I believe in a real LIFESTYLE change where you eat real‪#‎organic‬ foods.

If you are looking to make a permanent change this year, I would like to help. I have tons of programs that I have done personally, and I help you every step of the way. Always real ‪#‎wholefoods‬ . 

Look forward to helping you make a positive permanent change. 

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