Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Superfoods vs. Protein

Getting real with you today. There is a HUGE difference between a #protien shake and a superfood shake! 
I was basically prescribed my shakeology during#CancerRecovery because I insisted on going the all natural route. My sensitive body could not handle chemo or radiation. 
Me being a self proclaimed shake hater, I went forward as the biggest skeptic. Here I am a 2 year#cancersurvivor 
 while my shake is great, I also eat it on granola, in oatmeal, cookies, pancakes, pie... There is so much you can do when it is real whole #organic #superfoods
I am #StrongerEveryDay and I #GetResultsbecause I invested in my health and in REAL foods not synthetic powders full of soy. Soy is the first thing they tell you you can't have when going through #cancer and that should tell you something. #CheckTheIngredients cheaper often means subpar. No corn, wheat, or soy in my shake! Just #cancerfighting goodness at a fraction of the cost I was paying before. I am one happy girl!

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