Friday, January 15, 2016

Lower your cholesterol without medication

How many 57 year old men do you know with bloodwork like a teenager? 
My husband just got home from his annual screening at his work. CHECK THIS OUT!!! 
We are on day 15 of our 21 day plant based ‪#‎detox‬ and we are both in SHOCK! He just got his bloodwork back from the doctor and his results are OUTSTANDING! 
ALL WITHOUT ANY MEDICATION!!!! The doctor said he doesn't see this good of results in his patients that are on medicine for lowering their cholesterol!
I was going to wait until his final before and after picture to tell you, but we can't wait. Anyone with the following issues needs to get on this detox STAT.
Look I have been sitting over here quiet while you all are sad about David Bowie or Alan Rickman or the other 20 celebrities that have dies this year alone from cancer. YOU ARE NEXT IF YOU DON'T DO SOMETHING!!!!!! Stop saying you can't afford it. I know how much medical bills cost.

Do you:
•Struggle to lose the weight you want
•Have high ‪#‎cholesterol‬
•Brain fog
•Poor sleep
•Skin issues
•IVF history 
•high blood pressure
•Gas, bloating and other tummy issues
•Depression, ‪#‎Anxiety‬ or mood issues .
I am ready to help lead you through it step by step.
My husband is 57 and a hardcore carnivore and he is doing it just fine and saving his life in the process. ‪#‎ItsYourTurn‬ 
Hit me up when you are ready. 

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