Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Boho inspired clothing from Thailand

Today I am featuring one of my favorite Boho style brands, Bohohill

The brand was developed by a group of designers in northern Thailand who design and make creative clothing with emphasis on the free-minded appearances of the wearers while providing extra comfort and practicality. Their products are locally handmade with great care. They believe in sustainable local economy where they do everything locally, starting from designing, material sourcing, hand making, and delivering products online directly from their village community in northern Thailand to customers worldwide. The money then comes back to refuel their local ecosystem and improve lives in their community. I LOVE teaming up with companies like them who have a mission to better not only their lives, but the community and lives of those around them.

I was send this beautiful boho skirt that transforms into pants to review. 

I love it! I feel like an earth princess! This skirt doesn't just look special, it is special. It can be worn as straight long skirt, or pull up the side drawstrings to add the draping curtain effect. With the center wooden buttons row, this skirt is convertible to wide leg pants!
Made from soft organic cotton, its comfort is unmatched. The waist is elastic for easy and flexible fitting. There are 2 side pockets for your essentials. One piece does it all - a casual long skirt, pull the side up for more elaborate look, reposition the center button row to convert it to a stylish wide leg pants. It is going to be one of a few pieces people keep asking you about.

I even enjoyed getting a little practice in while wearing it. It is a beautiful boho skirt. They come in several colors. Check them out at bohohill.com

I also have a pair of their Perfect yoga pants that are so comfortable in every postures you do. 
These super soft rayon bloomers pajamas pants are exceptionally comfy. They are so soft that it feels as the fabric is flirting with your skin. Many say that they feel like wearing nothing at all! The eye catching artistic exotic pattern on the fabric certainly stands out from the crowd. The waist is highly flexible elastic smocked for convenience and comfort. The elastic cuff leg makes these pajamas practical without dragging the hem around regardless of wearer's height. There is one side pocket in case you might need it.

If you are into yoga, these are must have super comfy yoga pants that everyone is talking about. They are also excellent companions around the house or catching breeze on the beach or hugging you legs for a good night sleep. They will make you feel great and certainly look great too.

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