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Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Get a free glimpse into coaching with team nourish

Have you been watching me and my team out of the corner of your eye? Maybe we have talked briefly about the opportunity but your not TOTALLY sure its right for you. You have some reservations, some things you don't quite understand, some questions still to be answered .
You are certain that you WANT more out of life, that on THIS day you would rather be ANXIETY free and not worrying about going into work tomorrow , completing projects that you aren't super passionate about. YOU WANT to be a CEO but not a BOSS, you want something of your own with someone to mentor you through it who has done it and mastered it, you WANT to be a part of something bigger than you where you HELP people everyday find their LOVE of their bodies again as well as your own :) Then you are what I am looking for :) Here is the link :
Go there to watch a free Glimpse Into Coaching with Team Nourish. If you want an insider view of WHAT coaching is all about , what I do everyday , what you can expect from ME as your coach, what coaching will look like in YOUR life, the possibilities and what it could do for YOU and your family <3 ..just="" .="" any="" cost="" email="" expectations="" facts="" feel="" free="" me="" momwhatsfordinner="" no="" obligation="" questions="" span="" to="" with="" yahoo.com="">

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